From Rocks to Solar Power

Harley Davidson gets its sun on.

While we were in the process of transforming the old Johnny’s Foodmaster into the new Harley Davidson of Boston, our engineer informed us that we needed to put ballast (rocks) back on top of our brand new rubber roof. On older rubber roofs, gravel used to be employed as ballast to weight the roof to keep it held down to the deck, but it’s unusual to use it on a newer roof.

In 2014, we had a tough time finding this to be an acceptable response. We asked Harley if they would be interested in putting solar ‘ballast” on the roof and they immediately agreed. Harley Davidson is an incredibly environmentally sensitive company.

The roof’s solar system has already generated over 700MW of power.

We partnered with SunBug Solar out of Somerville and placed 920 Sunpower 327’s on the roof, creating a 245,000KW system. To date this system has generated over 700MW of power in just 2 years of operation.

Much better than rocks.

– Contributed by Michael Samra, studioTROIKA principal.


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