Creative Problem Solving at the Gibbet Hill Grill

Delicious eats at the Gibbet Hill Grill

Farm to fork food, first class service, and traditional New England ambiance is a given when dining at the Gibbet Hill Grill, in Groton, Massachusetts. Private seating in the silo, loft level dining, and galley tables, give guests options in how they’d like to experience this restaurant. What more could you ask for? The only piece missing, from this local, homegrown restaurant, was a spacious bar. Dream no more, because come spring 2017, that puzzle will be completed.

Tasty beverages at the Gibbet Hill Grill

The Webbers, owners of the restaurant, have collaborated with studioTROIKA (Troika) and the Niemitz Design Group (NDG), to add a whole new experience to Gibbet Hill Dining. These three groups were just the beginning of an entire design/build team that came together, to bring their shared expertise, for this project to come to life.

Challenge one: Multiple design teams and construction crews

While the 665 square foot addition is not large, the project was complex. The exterior required careful design, the structure required delicate calculations, and the interior required top of the line style and finishes. This meant that there was a design firm for the envelope, another for the interior- A construction crew for the exterior, and another for the interior. Structural and mechanical engineers were also necessary for balance. The team was assembled from day one, and team meetings from schematic design through to construction were scheduled for a smooth flow of work. Adding to this complexity, the entire project is being built without closing the restaurant for a single day! Quality designers and builders, understanding their roles, collaborating and communicating often, is what made this all possible.

Challenge two: Exterior design

The existing Grill was a wonderful piece of New England farm style architecture. Converted from barn to restaurant over a dozen years ago, the original structure was re-worked, to form an asymmetrical structure that warmed your heart at first sight. studioTROIKA, in charge of the exterior expansion design, worked to compliment this asymmetry, so that the addition looks like it always belonged. To achieve this, the design team strategically used modern materials, to match the existing barn, such as concrete foundations, clad in local stone. Windows were carefully chosen to match the existing ones, but were strategically and asymmetrically placed. Finally, a standing seam roof was selected to create detail lines of harmony and balance.

Challenge three: The structure

In order to create this expansion, the last sheer wall remaining on that side of the building needed to be removed. This wall holds up the entire roof, along that side of the structure. Troika called in Consulting Structural Engineer (CSE) to collaborate on a solution. Together, Troika and CSE moved swiftly to size members, explore options, and recommend the best solution. We managed to work out a system which combined new steel columns, with reclaimed wood beams, which will add to and complement the existing barn style interior.

Challenge four: Interior design

The Niemitz Design Group, interior finish champions, took the reins on the finish materials, pulling out a stone bar top with matching quarry tile floors. They designed a steel back bar, which ties into the new structure. The reclaimed wood ceiling, shiplap walls, and vintage light fixtures tie into the existing, while making clear that the bar is fresh and new.

Challenge five: No challenge, just eat!

You heard us! Go eat! Construction is expected to be completed in early April. So far, we are on schedule to meet this, so get excited, because Gibbet Hill Grill is about to add 40+ more seats!

We’ll keep you updated!

Project team:

Owner: Webber Restaurant Group
Architect: studioTROIKA – Boston, MA Framing
Contractor: Schultz Home Improvements – Groton, MA
Interior Design: Niemitz Design Group – Boston, MA
Interior Contractor: Cafco Construction Management – Boston, MA
Structural Engineer: Consulting Structural Engineers – Concord, MA
Mechanical Engineer: Sullivan Mechanical Services – Wilmington, MA

Progress photos: 

Gibbet Hill Grill, before construction
Gibbet Hill Grill, before construction
Gibbet Hill Grill, 11-11-2016
Gibbet Hill Grill, 11-11-2016
Gibbet Hill Grill, 11-18-2016
Gibbet Hill Grill, 11-18-2016

–Contributed by Jordan Bradley of studioTROIKA.


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